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Blitz Bit 1/2" Shank
These Blitz Bits are heavy duty. Features - M-7 Super High Speed Steel - Right Hand Spiral - 1/2" Reduced Shank - 118 Degree Split Point - 3 Flats on Shank - Black and Gold Finish - Size 1"

  • Engineered for heavy duty work, BLITZ BITS are high performance drills for production and tough maintenance applications.
  • Made from a premium grade of M-7 molybdenum high-speed steel, which has a special black and gold surface treatment to increase lubricity and reduce friction.
  • Strong web construction provides greater strength and rigidity to drill in hard-to-drill materials like stainless steel and titanium alloys.
  • Buttressed cutting edge, with an acurate rake, makes the BLITZ BIT cut cleanly and accurately with less effort. The extra clearance behind the side margin reduces friction, enabling balanced cutting action with closer hole tolerances at higher speeds.
  • Silver and deming drills are ideal for portable drilling and drill presses, where the maximum chuck capacity is 1/2".
Not for enlarging existing holes.

Blitz Bit 1/2" Shank  

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